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Teacher trainings

TCM, AcuYin, MyoYin, Meridian Nidra, YinYang Flow, Philosophy, Meditation

Learn about the practice of Yin Yoga as well as its history, philosophy,

anatomy and much more.

Get certified by Yoga Alliance at the end of your course.

Develop the skills necessary to teach yin yoga. Join the group of people who are fascinated by the modern approach to traditional practice.

Hundreds of yogis have trusted me by taking part in my courses and workshops. Thank you for your trust, I am here for you. 

- ​200hrs Yin Teacher Training -

(200 hrs)

Yinspiration is the first yin yoga school in the world to develop a full time residential 200hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 in Bali. Setting the gold standards as the first to develop a comprehensive and rigorous yin yoga training curriculum, hundreds of students and current Yin trainers from all over the world have graduated from this program.

Taught by senior Yinspiration trainers Dominik and Fran, this training is the blueprint yin yoga teacher training that lays the foundation for one to become a full-fledged Yin Yoga teacher upon graduation. There will be a live Q & A session with founder Jo Phee during the training.

More about the course
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- Traditional Chinese Medicine
& Hip Anatomy I -

(50 hrs)

The TCM Teacher Training Course presents a modern approach that combines two ancient arts: yoga and Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine literally gives us a map to navigate the physical, mental and emotional terrain of our life experience. Particularly by practicing Yin Yoga, much can be learned from this ancient healing tradition.

- ​Advanced Yin Yoga &
Traditional Chinese Medicine -

(50 hrs)

The second part of the advanced TCM course presents unique training for qualified yoga teachers. This is groundbreaking content that has not been covered in previous courses. We will deepen our knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and use it for our own practice, conducting workshops and group classes. You will receive Yin Yoga sequences using TCM that you can offer to your students and cultivate in your own practice.

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- Myoyin, Fascia 
& Spine Anatomy -

(50 hrs)

MyoYin (Myofascial Release: MFR) teacher training courses offer introduction to the main principles of Yin Yoga combined with various MFR techniques (including ball work). During the training, students learn various techniques to improve mobility through yoga poses and MFR. To improve blood circulation and flexibility, pain relief and well-being.

- ​Acupressure, AcuYin
& Hip Anatomy II -

(50 hrs)

AcuYin is a unique combination of two unique practices: yoga and acupressure. The course will introduce the most important concepts of both Yin yoga and yogaand Chinese Medicine. During the training, we will learn about many of the most important acupressure points, their properties and the practice of Yin Yoga.

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Beach at Sunset



- ​Mindfulness & Meditation -

(15 hrs)

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of mindfulness and meditation. This engaging course offers a deep exploration of mindfulness and meditation practices, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to lead yourself and others to inner peace, self-awareness, and holistic well-being.It is a practice of exercising the mind to maintain good health, increase vital energy, clear the mind, patience or other desirable qualities. 

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- ​Meridian Nidra,
Yin & Lower Limb Anatomy -

(40 hrs)

 Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra focus on relaxing the body. While the purpose of Yin Yoga is to loosen the joints, the purpose of Yoga Nidra is to release certain tensions. In this course, you will learn Yin yoga positions, thanks to which you will improve the energy flow in your body, and then, following the path of the 5 transformations of Chinese Medicine, you will experience yogic sleep.

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Starry Sky


- Yoga Nidra -

(15 hrs)

Yoga Nidra is a conscious state between wakefulness and sleep, enabling deep relaxation. It is an ancient yogic and tantric practice of consciously relaxing the body, mind and soul. This course is for anyone who wants to access deeper relaxation. It was designed as a training course for Yoga Nidra teachers, but is equally suitable for non-teachers who want to develop themselves.

- Yin Yang Flow, Philosophy
& Arm Anatomy -

(50 hrs)

This course is designed for students who want to understand the basic beliefs and ideals surrounding the ancient practice of yoga  and its influence on contemporary culture. In addition to delving into philosophy, the offered course assumes the practical application of two very important aspects present in Far Eastern philosophies and systems: Yin and Yang. We will take a closer look at the Yin, Yang postures, focusing more deeply on the anatomy of the arms.

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- ​Yin Yoga, Meditation &
Upper Limb Anatomy -

(40 hrs)

This training is designed to deepen your understanding of Yin Yoga, meditation techniques and their application in promoting whole body health. In this course we will focus in more depth on the anatomy of the upper limbs. Learn to understand the flow of energy in your body and how it affects your health and well-being.

- ​Introduction to Yin Yoga -

(30 hrs)

The offered 30-hour course presents the practice of Yin Yoga, which can be both a perfect complement to more dynamic forms of movement, as well as and a very rich practice in itself. Yin Yoga, through its uniqueness, is gaining more and more circles of yoga enthusiasts. Its meditative, calming, and perhaps even therapeutic effect is a wonderful solution for many modern practitioners.

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Yoga Philosophy



(40 hrs)

- Yoga History & Philosophy -

Four courses in the philosophy and history of yoga:

- Yoga Upanishads (10 hours) -

- Bhagavad Gita (10 hours) -

- Patanjali and Yoga Sutras (10 hours) -

- Contemporary Yoga (10 hours) -

Online courses are an excellent introduction to yoga philosophy, presenting the history, origins, key texts and theory that occurs through yoga. Understanding the philosophy of yoga can provide students with a deeper appreciation of the ancient practice, how it is performed, and the core beliefs associated with it. 

More info soon...
Teacher Training manual Beyinyang

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the frequently asked questions that can answer almost everything you need to know about Yin yoga teacher training.

  • Do I need to have yoga experience to take part in a teacher training course?
    You do not need to have previously attended Yin yoga teacher training or any other style of yoga to participate in the training. It is advisable to be strongly motivated to want to learn Yin yoga and to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the programs of this course. It would also be advisable to take a yin class or workshop before starting your teacher training course, and also have a strong interest in yoga.
  • Is the course suitable for beginners?
    Yes! You don't need to be able to do a handstand or the splits to qualify for yoga teacher training. You don't even have to be sociable or comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. Many people go through yoga teacher training with no intention of actually teaching yoga. These people simply want to deepen their own yoga practice. Other people want to teach but need help gaining the confidence and experience to be at the top of the class. Yoga teacher training gives students plenty of practice teaching yoga classes. This training provides a safe space designed to help you develop your skills in a judgment-free zone. The only prerequisite for yoga teacher training is the curiosity to learn more about yin yoga and yourself!
  • Is the course suitable for experienced people?
    Yes. Having an experience will help you to deepen your knowledge and improve your practise to become more confident yoga instructor.
  • Can I pay for the course in instalments?
    Yes you can, please see the examples of payments below: Two instalments: - €1,474 - €1,475 paid before 24th of Jan 2025 Three instalments: - €983.50 - €983.50 - €983 paid before 24th of Jan 2025 Four instalments: - €737.50 - €737.50 - €737.50 - €737.50 paid before 24th of Jan 2025 Total cost of the training: €2,950.00 It's not possible to pay in instalments via the website. Please send us an email to get bank account details for a traditional bank transfer: Bank transfer fees should be covered by a sender.
  • What payment options are available?
    You can pay with a credit card using our secured checkout process. All pricing is listed in euro and payments will be automatically be converted to euro if you are paying with another currency. You can also pay using a traditional bank transfer. Please e-mail for more informations.
  • Can I teach Yin yoga after completing the teacher training course?
    You will find the tools you learn in this course to provide a solid foundation for starting to teach Yin Yoga. After completing this course most students gain strong motivation to continue practicing, due to their own internal changes, which are so strong that they see the benefits of the practice and therefore others can benefit from it as well. Many said that the way the course was taught gave them the confidence to present the teachings to others very early on after leaving the course. This online yoga teacher training program has been designed to help you lead your own yoga class safely and confidently.
  • What will we learn in the teacher training course?
    Read the description and program of the course carefully to understand what you are signing up for. This 200hrs course is very experiential and will be a mix of lectures, theory, homework and exercises throughout the day. During the training, there will be time to ask questions and take notes. 200 Hour Schedule includes 160 hours online lectures, 20 hours readings and assignments (during your free time), 10 hours participation and feedback in other Yin classes (during your free time) and 10 hours group work (during your free time). You will receive a manual with the course program where you can take notes. Much of the work we do in this 200hrs Yin yoga teacher training is self-development work, and it requires your willingness to explore and practice in this way.
  • How to become a certified teacher?
    There is no legal body that oversees yoga. Legally and technically, anyone can call themselves a yoga teacher and offer classes. However, ethically this is not recommended. Even if you receive Yin yoga training that qualifies you to teach Yin yoga classes, you should complete a 200-hour teacher training program before teaching any style of yoga, at least by Yoga Alliance standards. A: If you already completed 200hrs training This training is a great addition to your yoga teacher training or simply a great refresher if you took one several years ago. This 200hrs training focuses on Yin, so if you did trainings from other styles of yoga, you will gain new knowledge and deepen your yin practice after completing the course. B: If you are not a teacher This training will deepen your knowledge of Yin yoga and help you improve your practice at home. After completing 200hrs course you will be officially certified to teach yoga.
  • Is the course accredited by the Yoga Alliance?
    Yes, Dominik is an experienced and registered yoga teacher trainer with Yoga Alliance USA (YACEP) and E-RYT500. The Yinspiration certificate obtained after participating in the entire course is recognized all over the world. Your hours may be used for further professional development and/or personal practice. This comprehensive training is designed in accordance with the requirements for registration with Yoga Alliance USA. Upon graduation, students may apply directly with Yoga Alliance USA for “RYT 200” yoga teacher status. All hours will need to be logged by you on the Yoga Alliance website and it is not possible for us to do this for you.
  • What happens if I miss training hours or a day of the course?
    To obtain a certificate of completion for 200hrs online course, you must complete each day of training to meet Yoga Alliance requirements. Live attendance on Zoom is optional. If you cannot attend all parts of the course, don't worry as you will have 2 months recording access. All the recorded materials won't be available for viewing after August 13th 2025. Please make sure to complete the training before the deadline.
  • What if I am not stretched?
    You don't have to be very fit or flexible to enjoy a teacher training course, become a great yoga teacher, and deepen your practice! The course is conducted in a friendly environment, without judgment or comparison to other participants. Every body is different and has a different range of motion, this will not be assessed in any way during the course.
  • Can I take part if I am pregnant or menstruating?
    Yes. Many of the women taking the course have children, are pregnant or have just had a baby and have learned to adapt their practice accordingly. The priority is always to feel safe in your practice and make sure you are taking care of yourself and maintaining your capabilities every time you practice. You don't need a teacher's permission on how to practice and what you choose to do or refrain from doing. Some courses, especially those that teach how to stimulate acupressure points, have an impact on the fetus, and therefore my knowledge of the participant's pregnancy is required, so as not to accelerate the delivery, etc. Practicing yoga during your menstrual cycle is completely safe, regardless of the position.
  • Will I be subject to any tests to obtain a certificate of completion of the training?
    No, you will not be assessed or tested in any way! It is a supportive and safe learning environment that emphasizes student autonomy and the ability to learn in any way.
  • Can I take the course if I don't plan to teach after completing it?
    Yes, you can participate. If you are a yoga student with a strong interest in developing your yoga practice, you can take a course to deepen your knowledge and experience for your own professional and personal development. One of the many benefits of yoga teacher training is that you can use it to deepen your own practice. For example, going through this process can help you understand: More about the physiology and practice of yoga and its effects on your body. Ways to improve personal concentration, level of self-awareness and knowledge of the capabilities of your own body. For example, you may receive corrections on how to effectively use breathing techniques. This correction wouldn't typically be available in a regular yoga class, so you can immediately see how teacher training goes into the smallest details.
  • Will I receive a VAT invoice?
  • What does recruitment for the course look like?
    Through the application form on the website:
  • How do I receive the certificate after I finish the course?
    You will receive a digital Yoga Alliance certificate from Yinspiration School upon completing the whole course by 13th of August 2025.
  • How do I receive study manual?
    You will receive a printed copy by post.
  • I don't understand English so well, can I follow the course?
    Yes you can. Online training allows you to study at your own pace. If you don't understand everything from the live session, you can always go back and watch the recording from the session and find reading materials in the printed manual. We are more than happy to answer your questions and give you support so you can make the best out of the training.
  • Can I take part in live sessions if my surrounding are loud?
    Yes you can, you just have to make sure to mute yourself on Zoom so other students won't be distracted by the sounds.

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