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The Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training course offers participants an introduction to Yin Yoga. The 25-hour course will include elements of both theory and practice.

The Introduction to Yin Yoga course provides a space to explore the practice of Yin and places a strong emphasis on teaching skills, so you can be sure that you will skillfully pass this practice on to your students. The short course provides a wonderful opportunity to explore this wonderful practice that is often not included in the standard 200-hour program. This introduction to Yin teaching is intended for yoga teachers who want to expand and deepen this style of yoga.

We will discuss the practical elements of safe and functional teaching. We will explore the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians, Yin anatomy and how Yin and Yang can complement each other. With these foundational elements, you will be able to guide students through comprehensive and conscious Yin practices.

Dominik Trznadel conducting a yin yoga teacher training

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a subtle and quiet practice that is a perfect complement to more dynamic yang practices. Yin yoga is a style of yoga rooted in the ancient principles of yin and yang and focuses on deep, passive stretching of the body's connective tissue. This contemplative Yin Yoga practice is a counterbalance to more active Yang yoga styles such as Ashtanga or Vinyasa.

Yin nourishes the body and spirit, but it is also a challenging practice, soft but intense at the same time. Elements of fascia work add a fascinating dimension, and the background of Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians allows you to go deeper into the practice.

(After completing the entire course, participants will receive a 25-hour certificate from Yoga Alliance via email.)

Teaching aids and Support

During this online training you will be fully supported to ensure your full engagement, understanding and connection with your teacher Dominik. Here are some effective ways you will be supported throughout the course:

- live classes via the Zoom platform

- communication and support through direct contact with the teacher on Facebook or WhatsApp during the ongoing course

- a supportive, non-judgmental environment

The course has been adapted to a fully online format, so you can gain an even higher level of skills that allow you to teach and practice yin yoga at your own pace. Online training offers a safe and highly effective way to share knowledge in a more transparent and accessible way.

(Participants will receive a printed textbook from the Introduction to Yin Yoga course)

Learn TCM

The training explores how the principles of Chinese medicine apply to Yin yoga, and how to use the knowledge to create workshops and enrich your own practice.

Dominik Trznadel Yoga Instructor

Learn to teach others

Step-by-step guidance, scripts and practice, as well as detailed practical techniques to help you sequence your Yin Yoga classes.

Dominik Trznadel Yoga Instructor
Dominik Trznadel Yoga Instructor

Modern approach

Learn the philosophy, history, anatomy, neuroscience, and physiology behind Yin yoga.


Yoga Yin - Introduction

- Teacher Training Program (25hrs) -

Yin Yoga​ - Theory and Practice

  • Theory of Yin, Yang and Qi

  • Introduction to Energy Channels

  • Yin Yoga in theory and practice

  • Benefits of Yin Yoga

  • Compression and Tension Points

  • Yoga archetypes

  • Position modifications

  • Use of aids during practice

  • Safety during practice

  • Sequencing and teaching methodology

  • Effective verbalization

  • Skeletal differences and their impact on practice

  • Pranayama techniques to support yoga practice





Chinese Medicine

Yin Yang Balance

This course is for anyone who:

Wants to create a space in the body and mind that encourages a deep sense of introspection and mindfulness

Desires to develop himself, regardless of whether he is a teacher or has any previous experience in yoga

Would like to learn how to conduct safe Yin Yoga sessions and workshops individually or in groups for students with different body types and shapes.

Would like to learn the physiological, energetic and mental benefits of Yin Yoga practice combined with Mindfulness and elements of Chinese Medicine

Needs to increase flexibility, reduce tension and increase mental resilience

Dominik Trznadel Yoga Instructor

Dominik Trznadel


- Registered ERYT500 and YACEP trainer at Yoga Alliance,

- Trainer offering teacher courses and workshops in AcuYin, MyoYin, Meridian Nidra and Yin Yoga combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine,

- Member of the Yinspiration team founded by one of the most experienced Yin yoga teachers: Jo Phee,

- 200hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer for Yinspiration

- Jo Phee's assistant at numerous training courses around the world.

I cordially invite you to Yin Yoga teaching course, which I will conduct for you


Early Bird price - €345 (until June 30, 2024)

Standard price - €460 (from July 1, 2024)

An instalment plan available for those who need it.

Please email:

Got questions?

Please check frequently asked questions below, if you still want to get in touch please contact me:


Online Schedule

This course offers all the benefits of online learning, without the need to physically come to the studio, via your tablet/phone or computer.

Convenience, flexibility and a comprehensive curriculum that will prepare you to teach Yin classes.

Zoom Sessions

Next Online Trainings:

Timings of the training: (London Time Zone)

  • 2 - 4 August 2024

  • 24 - 26 January 2025

  • 9:30 - 16.30 

Live meetings on Zoom.

Live attendance is optional. 

Zoom has a Translation option for those who need support with English.

Recordings Access

2 months recording access

After each class students will receive via e-mail a recording, the link will expire after 2 months.

The recordings from last session ( Aug 11th ) will expire on 11th of October 2024. All the students should watch all the recordings by the end of this date.

Upcoming Events

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